In order to facilitate litigants as well as provide accurate case statistics to the Hon'ble District & Sessions Judge Swat & Peshawar High Court the web based case management application was completed with help from several other individuals by the following team of District Judiciary Swat:-

Member Name Work Status
Mr. Bakht Sher Ali Khan
Provided guidance on legal /case related aspects of the software. Also supported by providing required staff and space. He has left the team and is presently working in PHC Mingora Bench/ Darul Qaza Swat.
Shah Hussain
Computer Operator
03139419449 / 03469405386
Worked as developer /PHP coder, having lots of experince. He has left the team for a post in Peshawar High Court and is working there as developer since May 2016.
Mr. Aslam Pervaiz
Computer Operator
Having programming / computing skills and thorough working experience in courts. Has put together the team and provided support in every aspect of the software including Linux based server installation & its maintenance, programme logic design, testing and data verification. Currently, working on the software alone (PHP coding & database administration), trying to maintain & improve along with other office duties.


Though we have only mentioned the names of above three individuals (as without them the existence of software would not be possible), however, there are many other persons that includes Hon'ble Judges and fellow staff members who put a lot of efforts and spared their valuable time to make it a success for the District Judiciary Swat. We really appreciate the efforts and support we got and hope that we may receive the same in future.

Thank you all.

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