Mr. Zafar Iqbal KhanDistrict & Sessions Judge / ZQ - Swat
Mr. Rahat UllahAdditional District & Sessions Judge / IZQ- II-Swat
Miss. Hajira RehmanAdditional District & Sessions Judge / IZQ- III-Swat
Mr. Muhammad Ghayyas KhanAdditional District & Sessions Judge / IZQ- VI-Swat
Mr. Nasrullah KhanSenior Civil Judge (Judicial) /AIQ-Swat
Mr. Tilla MuhammadSenior Civil Judge (Admin) /AIQ-Swat
Miss. Hina GhafoorCivil Judge / IQ - II-Swat
Mr. Hamaish KhanCivil Judge / IQ - IV-Swat
Miss. Asma ZahirCivil Judge / IQ - VIII-Swat
Mr. Syed Mansoor Shah BukhariJudicial Magistrate - I-Swat
Miss. Meena QaiserJudge Family Court - I-Swat
Mr. Murtaza KhanCivil Judge / IQ - III-Swat
Miss. Hina GulCivil Judge / IQ - V-Swat
Miss. Sadaf Ali KhanCivil Judge / IQ - I-Swat
Miss. Maria ShahJudge Family Court - II-Swat
Mr. Syed Furqan MashwaniCivil Judge / IQ - VI-Swat
Miss. Sidra AslamCivil Judge / IQ - VII-Swat
Mr. Sheikh Waqas AhmedCivil Judge / IQ - X-Swat
Mr. Atta-ur-Rehman Judicial Magistrate - II-Swat
Mr. Bakht AlamAdditional District & Sessions Judge / Izafi Zilla Qazi- Matta
Mr. Shafiq Ul AmanCivil Judge / Ilaqa Qazi - II-Matta
Mr. Akhtar Iqbal KhanCivil Judge / Ilaqa Qazi - III-Matta
Mr. Muhammad RaeesCivil Judge / Ilaqa Qazi - IV-Matta
Mr. Asif KamalCivil Judge Cum Judicial Magistrate - I-Matta
Miss. Hussan BanoAdditional District & Sessions Judge / Izafi Zilla Qazi- III-Kabal
Mr. Tanveer UsmanCivil Judge Cum Judicial Magistrate - I-Kabal
Miss. Dua e Mehreen Judge Family Court/Civil Judge / Ilaqa Qazi - II-Kabal
Mr. Aziz JunaidCivil Judge / Ilaqa Qazi - III-Kabal
Mr. Zahid KarimAdditional District & Sessions Judge / Izafi Zilla Qazi-Khwazakhela
Mr. Muhammad WaqarCivil Judge Cum Judicial Magistrate - I-Khwazakhela
Miss. Asma ZahirCivil Judge / Ilaqa Qazi - II-Khwazakhela
Mr. Imran Akbar KhanCivil Judge / Ilaqa Qazi - II-Khwazakhela
Mr. Said BadshahAdditional District & Sessions Judge / Izafi Zilla Qazi- Bahrain
Mr. Shah FaisalCivil Judge Cum Judicial Magistrate - I-Bahrain
Mr.Asghar Habib Civil Judge / Ilaqa Qazi - II-Bahrain

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